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We're a space marketing consulting group, specializing in space exploration partnerships for corporations, agencies, non-profits, and brands. We offer organizations a seamless process and access point in LEO, the Moon, and Mars for benefits of research, education, brand association, marketing, and content assets.


Space activities are often thought of as extremely expensive, “super-secret,” and something simply not attainable. There are also fears that participating in space exploration will seem like a crazy stunt to customers, board, and investors. 


But over the last decade, the private space industry in collaboration with NASA has successfully built the infrastructure and assets in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), the Moon, and Mars to support a viable commercial space ecosystem with unprecedented low costs to participate. 


Space Marketing Group, a division of Space Exploration Engineering (SEE), and in collaboration with dozens of space partners, has developed low-risk programs and partnership opportunities for organizations to leverage space exploration.

Our process is simple, first, we’ll identify and develop the appropriate space program for your organization's vision and budgets. We’ll then organize and manage the space company partnerships to fulfill your space mission to completion and provide you with recommendations to leverage the mission’s milestones with opportunities to distribute live stream content and media assets.

Connecting brands, agencies, and corporations to
space exploration.

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If your organization is interested in learning more about how space exploration partnerships can benefit your brand and humanity as a whole, you’re in the right place.

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