Our expert team will identify and develop the appropriate space program for your organization's vision and budgets.


  • Storyline support and campaign development.

  • Program development and project management.​

  • Milestones and timeline opportunity assessment.​



Our team will then organize and manage the space company partnerships to fulfill your space mission to completion and provide you with recommendations to leverage the mission’s milestones.


  • Organization of strategic stakeholders and space partners.​

  • Mission planning, operations, and management.​

  • (ROI) return on investment recommendations.​



When your space mission is complete, you will be delivered a finished media assets.


  • Production services, access to content,  live streams, and media assets.​

  • Long-Range optical tracking planning/execution.​

  • Signal transmission and real time media distribution planning.

Our Destinations

Space Marketing Group in collaboration with space company partners offers partnerships opportunities within the following space exploration categories:

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