The Team

John Carrico

Head of Space Partnerships

John leads the space programs and partnerships at Space Marketing Group.  Previously he served as a researcher and technical advisor at Google and as the Chief Scientist and Vice President of Space Systems at Applied Defense Solutions.


John has worked on several spacecraft missions including the NRL/NASA Clementine (DSPSE) lunar mission, NASA/NOAA GOES; NASA GRO, ISTP, WMAP, IBEX, LCROSS, SSTP CPOD, & LADEE; NSPO ROCSAT; the AsiaSat-3 rescue;  USN UFO, FLTSAT, & MUOS; Inspiration Mars; Skybox/Terra Bella, and the SpaceIL Beresheet Lunar mission.


Concurrently, he is also an Owner and CTO at Space Exploration Engineering and advisor to Spinlaunch and Orbit Fab, Inc.

Trisha Navidzadeh

Corporate Partnerships

Trisha manages the corporate partnerships for Space Marketing Group. Previously, she’s consulted for a number of private space companies including Golden Spike Company, Google, and Virgin Galactic.


Concurrently, she is also a Council Member at Gerson Lehrman Group, and she is also a Board of Advisor, Space Settlements for Lifeboat Foundation, a nonprofit non governmental organization dedicated to ensuring that humanity adopts the increasingly powerful technologies of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI safely to prevent global catastrophes as we move towards the Singularity.

Manuel Mazzanti

Corporate Partnerships

Manuel has more than 20 years of experience in corporate marketing, public relations, business development and sales in markets that varies from aerospace, telecommunications, IT infrastructure and online advertising, holding senior positions in companies such as Iridium, OptiGlobe, Yahoo! and Orange (France Telecom Group). 


Manuel is also a professional photographer and photojournalist. He currently works with media outlets and different companies to help them tell their stories through images. He contributes to Getty Images, Associated Press and TripAdvisor, among others.

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